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I have a flash object (with an swf extension). The flash object contains an image which I need to extract and use instead of the swf file..especially for devices not supporting flash. How can we extract the image from an swf (flash) file? What tools can I use?

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Well it depends on the situation, at any case you'll need a way to identify that image inside the file aka a symbol.

Case 1. Embed

[Embed(source="assets/library.swf", symbol="AImage")]
public var AImage:Class;

Case 2. Runtime

(this code is executed once the loader has loaded your swf source file)


Hope it helps

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There's an open source toolkit that works fairly well for the job. On Windows you'll need to run the installer as Administrator or it dies. Then add the folder to your PATH (or not) and you can pull jpegs out. First:

swfextract /path/to/file.swf

which will list all of the assets in the file. In this case, pay attention to the ids in the JPEG section. Then for each id, run

swfextract /path/to/file.swf -i id -o name-of-my-new-file.jpg
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Edit suggested by another user: pass the -i switch in front of the id value in the line above. –  Tom Sep 17 '14 at 12:49
thank you for link, its working like a magic –  Eirenaios Jan 20 at 6:33

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