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I am new to CoreData and just started working with RestKit. I am trying to create a Restkit project with CoreData. But I am getting this runtime error:

Assertion failure in +[NSManagedObject managedObjectContext]

Any ideas, what I am doing wrong?

Following is my code so far. I have not created a data model as of now.

     _objectManager = [RKObjectManager objectManagerWithBaseURL:@""];
  //  _objectManager.objectStore = [RKManagedObjectStore objectStoreWithStoreFilename:@"jiffAssignment.sqlite"];

    RKManagedObjectMapping *locationMapping = [RKManagedObjectMapping mappingForClass:[Location class]];
    [locationMapping mapKeyPath:@"address" toAttribute:@"address"];
    [locationMapping mapKeyPath:@"crossStreet" toAttribute:@"crossStreet"];
    [locationMapping mapKeyPath:@"city" toAttribute:@"city"];
    [locationMapping mapKeyPath:@"state" toAttribute:@"state"];
    [_objectManager.mappingProvider setMapping:locationMapping forKeyPath:@"location"];

  //  RKObjectMapping *statisticsMapping = [RKManagedObjectMapping mappingForClass:[Statistics class]];
 //   [statisticsMapping mapAttributes:@"checkinsCount",@"usersCount", nil];

    NSLog(@"VenueListController Initialized");
    return self;

Any help/comments would be appreciated.

Thanks Vik

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Can you update your post with the actual assertion that fails?

And you shouldn't be able to use an RKManagedObjectMapping if _objectManager doesn't have an objectStore set. This line is commented out in the code you posted.

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