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I'm stuck. I've read some blog posts about best practices on putting javascript into rails application and had a look in "Agile Web Dev With Rails3" bible — still can find no answer. So here is me begging for it.

Say I have a view (test.erb) which contains the following code:

<%@full_stack.each {|trial|%>
<%= button_to "test ajax", {:action => "test", :controller => "verbs", :id =>}, remote: true, :class => "check"%>
<% } %>

@full_stack is an instance variable of the respective controller. Now, I want to fetch this trial thing into my javascript: I'd like to compare the user's input to the string lying in the trial variable (the comparison is about to be made on the client-side).

This approach does not work. Putting alert("<%= trial.class %>") into test.js.erb leads to alert with nil: the javascript part can't access that variable. So, is it possible at all to access my local variables which I've created in the view from the javascript? I've seen a few similar questions here on SO but none of them is really fully explanatory.

I wouldn't be surprised to hear that my approach is totally wrong and that I should not create extra variables in the views and that such comparisons should be performed on the server side, not client side. I'm new to programming, so taking the right approach up front turns out to be difficult. Any relevant links on picking best practices when building web apps with RoR will be helpful. Thanks!

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If i'm not wrong there was a screencast for that stuff. You should look it on

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