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In my JSON view I have:

<% @sog.each do |kon| %>
{"id":"<%= kon.id %>","titel":"<%= kon.titel.force_encoding("UTF-8") %>","url":"<%= kon.photo.image.url %>"},
<% end %>

How do I remove the last comma in the loop? The JSON is not working because there is a comma in the end.

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Several options, but one is use each_with_index and add the comma iff it's not the last iteration.

You could collect JSON strings and join them with ",", eliminating the need to check.

Or create a method that serializes the object to JSON, avoiding all the busywork in the view layer.

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How to use the collect method in view? –  Rails beginner Feb 25 '12 at 23:02
I have used the each_with_index –  Rails beginner Feb 25 '12 at 23:15

Another meaningful and simplest way of doing it would be

@json_obj = []

@sog.each do |kon|
   @json_obj << {"id":"kon.id",

You don't need to worry about the comma anymore. Hope this helps.

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