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I am working on Image Inpaiting on video project and i am selecting the portion of the image on a screen(ROI) as a rectangle and i am inpaiting that portion of the image. Now i want to save five previous frame from live video(that i can do it) and save the pixels value of that ROI of five frame/image on five different array. I will use that array to generate the background and remove the foreground object.

Any one know how i can save pixel value in array for that selected area?

Thanks in advance.

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C++ interface of opencv use cv::Mat for storing image pixel. The following code shows you how to declare a matrix B "pointing" to a ROI of matrix A. Matrices are images. ROI is a rectangle (x=0;t=0;width=0;height=100). Use opencv highgui function to save your image.

cv::Mat A(640,480,CV_8C3);
cv::Rect rect(0,0,100,100);
cv::Mat B = A(rect);

If you need to read frames from a video, use cv::VideoCapture cap and cap >> frame to grab and retrieve each images as cv::Mat. If you want to go to different position in your video file use cv::VideoCapture::set(..,CV_FRAME_MSEC) , read manual.

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