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Windows Azure, RDP for web/worker roles configured successfully. All works fine, I can connect to servers via RDP. I can see logon screen, desktop and so on. But after 3..10 seconds everything freezing. It's seems like disconnect. After reconnection it's all the same: I can work for 3..10 seconds. What should I do to fix it?

Solution: This trouble was because of restarting. So before connecting via RDP try to stabilize node first :)

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Sounds like your instance my be restarting. I would suggest opening a support ticket with Microsoft. – Tom Feb 27 '12 at 15:24
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Does the role stay in a running state? I have RDP'ed into many instances of both Web and Worker roles and I have not seen this behavior.

Do you have any other details that you can share? Have you installed/modified anything as a Startup task that might be causing an issue? Have you tried from another client computer?

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It looks like a connection problem. I suggest you contact with the MS support, give them your subscription ID and deployment ID, then the MS will go to your machine to verify deeply.

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