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I am creating sliding menus in JavaScript, and the following is my init() function:

function init() {
   var menus = new Array();
   var allElems = document.getElementsByTagName("*");

   for (var i = 0; i < allElems.length; i++) {
      if (allElems[i].className == "navG") {

   /* assign the openMenu function to the onclick event for each
      Menus item */
    for (var i = 0; i < menus.length; i++) {

    document.getElementById("logo").onclick = closeMenu;
    document.getElementById("linkList").onclick = closeMenu;
    document.getElementById("main").onclick = closeMenu;

The problem seems to be in the first for loop. This is definitely the correct class name..just for reference, this is the type of HTML that I am referring to:

<div class="navG" id="gallery1" style="position: absolute; top: 180px; left: -150px; " >

Is there an obvious, or not so obvious reason, that this is not adding the elements to menus?

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What is menus.length just before the second loop starts? Also, the three .onclick = closeMenu(); lines at the end should (probably) be .onclick = closeMenu; (no parentheses). (Also, why do you even have the second loop and the menus array? Can't you just assign allElems[i].onclick=openMenu directly in the first loop?) – nnnnnn Feb 26 '12 at 0:51
It gives me zero..that could be a problem, eh? – Linell Feb 26 '12 at 0:55
That's weird, since you said in the comment below that the second alert in the loop is working. Are you sure the code in the question is the same as the code you're actually running? – nnnnnn Feb 26 '12 at 0:56
I may have made a mistake before, it seems that what I thought was the second loop working was a misplaced alert :/. So there is still nothing being stored in menus, regardless of the quotation marks. – Linell Feb 26 '12 at 0:59
But does the alert inside if (allElems[i].className == "navG") { show up or not? Note that if the elements have more than one class assigned like <div class="navG someclass" ...> your == "navG" comparison won't work. – nnnnnn Feb 26 '12 at 1:02
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In the page you linked to, in your family.js script, this line:

window.onLoad = init();

says to run the init function immediately and assign its return value to window.onLoad. Because it is running immediately the actual document hasn't been parsed yet so it doesn't find any of your elements. You need to say this:

window.onload = init;

which assigns a reference to the init function to window.onload so that that function will be run later after all of the elements have been parsed.

Also onload should have a lowercase l.

(There are some other problems in your code, e.g., you don't seem to have elements with the ids "linkList" or "main", but I think what I said above is the main problem with the part you are asking about.)

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You got a bug here

document.getElementById("logo").onclick = closeMenu();
document.getElementById("linkList").onclick = closeMenu();
document.getElementById("main").onclick = closeMenu();

You calling closeMenu, not assigning it.

Needs to be

document.getElementById("logo").onclick = closeMenu;
document.getElementById("linkList").onclick = closeMenu;
document.getElementById("main").onclick = closeMenu;
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Thanks, I fixed that one. – Linell Feb 26 '12 at 1:34
Whup, didn't catch that. – Jeffrey Sweeney Feb 26 '12 at 14:51

Whoops, you're missing quotes around that "navG" in the first loop.

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You're right, that does make the second alert work..however, there still seems to be nothing actually stored in menus. Adding an alert to the second for loop that is alert(menus[i]); returns nothing. – Linell Feb 26 '12 at 0:38
Are you seeing alerts in the second for loop? I feel like the push function isn't working properly. – Jeffrey Sweeney Feb 26 '12 at 1:02 Another commenter seems to have found that it works here..there doesn't seem to be any real difference between that and my code. – Linell Feb 26 '12 at 1:14

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