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How can I validate a text view in android to handle positive integer numbers?

I don't want it to accept any character or signs etc...

Thank you all!

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Have you taken a look at the EditText's inputType attribute? You can set a whole bunch of different input types that the EditText should limit the user input to.

From the sounds of it, you're probably looking for something like:

     ... />
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You can use regular expressions. See:

Your pattern could look like ^[0-9]{1,10}$ which means that the entered value can only consist of digits (minimum 1, maximum 10)

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IMO best way is use inputType in xml

    android:inputType="phone" />

You have to remember that "+" is also part of the phone number.

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Not that I've checked this in android but '*' and '#' also can be used in a phone number. – Zammbi Jul 31 '12 at 5:12

Use the code in your Edittext XML to restrict any range of values

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