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DISCLAIMER: I have no knowledge of programming and this is a last ditch effort in trying to make my job a lot easier.

I'm tasked with creating overlays for Google Earth highlighting segments of highway.

Currently, I open Google Earth, take a screenshot, and then in Illustrator trace the segment of highway (usually an onramp/offramp), put an arrowhead on one end, and export the layer with a transparent background, then overlay it in Google Earth (which requires frustrating resizing and aligning).

This process is tedious and time consuming, and time is of the essence.

If any gurus have some suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it and have no problem sending you a token of my gratitude.


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How about using semi-transparent "paths" for your overlays? Here are the steps to create one:

  1. Open Google Earth.
  2. Create a driving route. An easy way to do this is add a Placemark (point) at the start of your route, then right click on the placemark and select "Directions from here". Next add a Placemark (point) at the end of your route, then right click on the placemark and select "Directions to here". Finally click the search icon to generate a route.
  3. In the Search box, right click on the Route feature and select "Save to My Places".
  4. In the Place box, right click on the Route feature and select Properties. Under the Style,Color tab, select a color (red), width (20) and Opacity (50%). You know have a semi-transparent line overlaying your highway segment.
  5. If you want, right click on the Route and select "Save Place As..." to save it as a KML file. You can use saved file in other geospatial software packages.
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