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I am creating a web application that, simply put, allows for the users to create their own "sites" which have their own set of users. I look at the domain name of the request coming in to determine which "site" to display. I need to have completely different sets of users depending on which "site" you are on. For example: If I visit site1.example.com I am able to register as bob. Trying to login to site2.example.com with my credentials from site1 would fail, because I don't have an account there. Likewise, I should be able to create another, independent bob user on site2. Therefore, not only will I need to store additional information with the user (like what site they registered on), I also need to make the username field non-unique. Any ideas on how to accomplish this? I would like to use the built-in security provider in ASP.NET, so I can use things like [Authorize], but if some 3rd-party security suite would work, I am open to that as well.

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Are the user credentials going to be stored in one database or each site have its own database? –  Jared Shaver Feb 26 '12 at 1:48
IMHO, you should look at existing solutions for examples. Here's a related SO question: stackoverflow.com/questions/6630151/… –  James Manning Feb 26 '12 at 1:50

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With Asp.net membership provider ... one easy way is to change "role" s for each set of users. All users registered for site will get role "site1user" assigned. And so on. You can maintain all users in one database ... differentiated by roles.

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