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I am trying to install MongoDB with PHP5.2 on CentOS. When I run phpinfo() it says Mongo is not installed. I believe the PHP is working fine. I installed MongoDB, and I can enter the shell. I did pecl install Mongo, says it was completed and installed properly. I add a mongo.ini file which is extension=mongo.so. I can go to /usr/lib64/php/modules/ and mongo.so is there. Is there anything I am forgetting? I have restarted both HTTPD and Mongod services.

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Do you see mongo.ini in the list of parsed ini files ? Look at the very first table of the phpinfo() command. – Alex Feb 26 '12 at 2:11
Yeah, i have other inis there too like mysql.ini that are all being read – Robert La Rocca Feb 26 '12 at 2:12
try running php -v in the console and see whether any startup errors pop up – Alex Feb 26 '12 at 2:14
yes, thank you, there is an error in the mongo file, undefined symbol: Z_DEFLREF_P in Unkown on line 0 I'll look around for an answer to that, but do you happen to know what it is? – Robert La Rocca Feb 26 '12 at 2:16
I'd guess something wrong with the installed extension. I know centos has ext_mongo available as rpm. Try installing it from there. – Alex Feb 26 '12 at 2:18

The only thing I did for mongo driver 1.2.9 to work with php was

$ cd mongodb-php-driver-folder
$ phpize
$ ./configure
$ sudo make install

At the end of php.ini, add


Restart apache.

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If something like an undefined symbol is showing up, it means that the source didn't compile properly. However, "Z_DEFLREF_P" is not part of the Mongo PHP Driver source code (in the latest version). Are you sure the error doesn't mention "Z_DELREF_P"?

Right now, that is indeed a bug in the 1.2.9 version of the driver. It doesn't compile with PHP 5.2 right now. I've added a ticket at https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/PHP-335

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Use the 1.2.7 mongo driver for php and you shouldn't have an issue compiling.

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