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If the model class does not contain a creation_time field, is it possible to retrieve the latest created object?

Suppose there is an Address class which contains a number of String fields and no creation date. If a user created an address1 yesterday and then he creates another address today, how do I retrieve the one created today? I think django has a way to do this by means of pk of the record in db.

Something like


Is there a similar facility in playframework?

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If you make an assumption (ie, ensure) that the id is sequential then you can do something like this:

Address.find("username = ? order by id desc", "%username%").fetch(1);

This should retrieve the first entry when sorted by ID which should be the most recent entry. As play uses hibernate/JPA you may find a better answer if you ask this question as a generic JPA/Hibernate question.

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Try this, it worked for me

Estimate.find("order by id desc").first();

this returns the last object

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