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I'm using VisualSearch.js. Works great out of the box but my interface has a list of links. When user clicks on one of these it will add a facet & value (i.e. tag:cats) to the search box and trigger the search taking into account any other search inputs that are already there.

I don't see a clear way to do this from the source code - Am I missing something? Thanks for any help!

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You should find the addFacet function in search_box.js like below:

addFacet : function(category, initialQuery, position) {

"category" will be facet's name, "initialQuery" will be the pre-populate value.

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I figured it out - using the addFacet method from visualSearch.js - like this:

//add a tag filter visualSearch.searchBox.addFacet('tag',, 0);

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Can you clarify? I'm not sure what object you're referencing with the –– no matter what I pass to this function, I receive an error --> Cannot read property 'type' of undefined – derrylwc Jul 11 '12 at 23:33

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