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I have a method called getData() in an Activity that returns a String[]:


public class Strings{
    public String[] getData(){
    String[] data = {"one","two","three"};
    return data;

My question is how to retrieve these items, because in another activity I want to put this into a SimpleAdapter list. I can call

String[] data = Strings.getData();

then have that as a variable that is technically the array, but I need to read out the items into the adapter. I know its probably simple but like I said, noob, haha.

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stackoverflow.com/questions/6355787/… and herehttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/3597974/passing-an-array-in-intent-androi‌​d –  Sergey Benner Feb 26 '12 at 3:14

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For sharing data between different activity, I think you need to send that data with Intent before you change Activity

intent.putExtra("TheStrings", this.getStrings());
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