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I need to react in a way specific to my iPhone app when the user is typing inside some UITextView field.

Three examples :

  1. I want to dismiss the keyboard if the user types in: 'E'.
  2. I want to jump to a new input line if the user types in: 'nN'.
  3. I want to ignore if the user types in: 'A' or 'b'.

I am sure there must be a quite simple way to do what I want. But after browsing for a while on the net, I do not find a clear answer.

What is the way to go?

Thanks for any tip.

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If you are using a UITextField, give the text field a delegate (implementing the UITextFieldDelegate protocol), and in the delegate, implement textField:shouldChangeCharactersInRange:replacementString:. Examine the replacement string and take action based on whether it contains the characters you're looking for.

If you are using a UITextView, give the text view a delegate (implementing the UITextViewDelegate protocol), and in the delegate, implement textView:shouldChangeTextInRange:replacementText:.

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You could try implementing this in your UITextViewDelegate:


Check the replacementText. If it's @"e", call resignFirstResponder on the UITextView and return NO.

If it's @"A" or @"b", return NO.

I'm not exactly sure about the other one, but you can probably handle it here also and return NO.

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I simple way to just flat out deny A and B is to do a simple thing like this (You would get up a check timer to run the void)

- (void) something {

if([statusString isEqualToString:@"a"]){
    statusString == @"";


This would simply delete every thing if the user types a. This may not be exactly what you want but I wanted to give a start

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