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I'm a new user to this site but I've used it for quite some time now for help.. I would like to say that it is extremely useful.

So I'm sixteen years old and just recently began app development to try and make at least a little bit of money for myself(looks like I might just have to get a job -_-). So I started off easy by making an app that includes a lot of different calculators in it and just released it to the Android Market a few days ago along with a free, Lite version for it.

I was wondering if anyone could give me feedback on it? Like if it looks even somewhat professional and if it is even worthy to be on the Android Market. It's just a calculator with different utilities but I put some good work into it. Here is the link.

I have a priced ($0.99 USD) full version for it but it seems like no one wants to spend a dollar these days when it comes to mobile apps(well at least Android users).

Also, I was wondering.. I would expect for a free app like mine to have at least a good amount of downloads after a few days since there are so many Android market users, y'know? Like 100 or something. But I haven't even broken 5 downloads yet...

This is a concern to me as I thought that I would have a decent amount of downloads by now, my description and everything seems pretty convincing - plus it's free. I read an article once that said any app, even the stupidest ones, will get at least 1,000 downloads because of the amount of buyers in the market. But I guess I was wrong in believing that.

Is this really how the market is? Does my lack of downloads just have to do with the fact that it's only been on the market for a few days? I guess I just want to know a little bit more about the market and how easy.. or hard it is to make money. It seems pretty hard right now. I feel like I'm never going to even reach $100.

I'm actually teaming up with a friend and we're going to start making some games, but I'm just worried that no one will download them no matter how sweet they are. I can't afford to really promote any of my apps or buy an engine like Unity.

Lol, sorry I feel like I'm writing a diary now, so I'll shut up. I guess I'm just disappointed so far in my achievements. But, if you would like, I would appreciate it if you would download and review my app or something like that just so I can have a little bit of feedback from someone besides my parents and friends. Also, I would like to know more about how the Android market works and how to make an app that becomes popular in it.

Thanks! I believe that us programming "nerds" will run the world in the future. Our technology is getting better by the day and we're the ones that know the most about it. Just think about it!

P.S. I suck at graphics as you can probably tell by my app, that will be my friend's job in the future ;)

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I think it's great you're trying to sell an app. The question is off-topic, though. Bear in mind how many apps there are, and difficulty in finding apps in the market. Add that a calculator is fairly niche, and several already exist, and volume will probably be fairly low anyway. But a couple days is essentially no time, be patient, and recognize that most apps don't transform the lives of their developers financially. –  Dave Newton Feb 26 '12 at 4:56
Way I see it, promotion matters, quality matters, relevance matters. Calculators are fun to write (because they're easy) but everyone has one already, so they're irrelevant~. Make apps you want to use (beyond just the neato factor of it being your app,) and other people will too. –  nmr Feb 26 '12 at 5:05
Yeah, I know it's off topic, but this was the first site that popped into my head because of how popular it is. Most code issues are easy to find on here, so I don't even know what I would be able to post on here! haha. I guess I just had greater expectations even though it was just my first app... reality check! I think I'm just gonna really try and focus on games. They seem a lot harder though. Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it :) –  Xterminate Games Feb 26 '12 at 5:54
I've just released my app 2 days ago and I'm trying to get known my app too :) ... My expectation were much bigger, but I realized, you need to advertise your app in any possible way. I tried to comment youtube videos relative to my app with link to my app, now I'm trying promote at other markets than Google Play. There must by more things to do, it's just a shame that any question relative to promoting apps at Stackoverflow is automatically closed ... Last thing that come my mind, u may want to create a blog and describe every of your apps in it ... Good luck ! :) –  Buksy Jun 8 '13 at 8:41

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Although this question doesn't belong in here, must be in Android exchange site, but I believe every question should be answered wherever it gets asked. So the very first review from me is User wants good UI, and by looking at your app, anyone can say that your app is not good in UI(User Interface). I wouldn't even have a second look on it, if I would be looking for an all-in-one calculator. So first and foremost improve the main screen, buttons etc. UI components. You can find better images by just using images.google.com. It'd be better if you take advise of any of your friend who's also a designer. Stuffs which looks good, sells good.

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PS: Have some good font and remove the Stocked graphics of any UI you use. –  noob Feb 26 '12 at 5:01
Do you know if the exchange site is as useful as this one though? I've never heard of it, but I'll check it out! But yeah, I know my UI is pretty bad, just watching my dad struggle while using it, but I just wanted to get it on the market and see what would happen. Oh well, first app! The friend I'm partnering with is a really good designer so I'm pretty pumped about that! Also, I was going to use images from the Internet, but I thought I might get in trouble with copyright issues or something. Thanks so much for your feedback, I guess I really didn't realize how much the UI actually matters –  Xterminate Games Feb 26 '12 at 5:59
Well, you'll get more android users than developers there, try this - android.stackexchange.com Also I just noticed that you are 16, I must say I am really impressed that you have an app in the market at this age. You'd surely get at least a million download till you get at my age ;) –  noob Feb 26 '12 at 6:21
If you look for images in images.google.com and don't want copyright issues look in search.creativecommons.org mark "Google Images" and "I want something that I can... use for commercial purpose" –  Mahomedalid Mar 8 '13 at 16:28

Brendan (at least that's what I gather your name is),

First off, like others have said, good job on at least putting an application up there. Honestly, there wasn't even an opportunity like this when I was 16, so you're already ahead of a lot of people here.

That being said, I think there's something you need to know about marketing and app reviews. The internet is a wild, woolly place where one misstep could damage your reputation for a long, long time. There are tons of stories out there about 'padded' app reviews. I'm not saying that's what's going on, but I can guarantee a majority of people will draw that conclusion from the reviews you currently have on the Android Marketplace.

First, you recognize here yourself that the UI is, quite bluntly, awful. However your paid app contains reviews such as "THIS IS THE BEST ULTIMATE UTILITY CALCULATO MONEY CAN BUY. IT DOES EVERYTHING YOU COULD POSSIBLY NEED. A++ WOULD REVIEW AGAIN". No offense, but that's clearly either you, a co-developer, or a friend's account. Second, on your free app, you get one negative review and all of a sudden one of the same two people who gave you a five star review on the paid app suddenly give you a five star review on the free app to counteract the bad review.

Let's be realistic. Morality aside, you don't start your app review experience by getting people you know to provide such effusive praise that it borders on unrealistic. People will notice, and your reputation as a developer will be tarnished irreparably for that.

Don't think for one moment that these criticisms are in any way an attack on you. Simply take them to heart and improve yourself. After all, that's what the critique process is for. We aren't bashing on you or hating on you, we simply don't want to see you fail for simple mistakes that others have made in the past.

Good luck with your future apps and updates.

...and don't discount getting a job. Being a 99¢ app developer won't be profitable, especially during the first few years.

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Hahahahahahaah!! It was my friend in 4th hour who posted that review, I didn't even ask him, he was just being funny. But yeah I know the UI terrible - that's why I'm partnering up with a friend who's really good at design. Also, I found a site with free app icons, so I updated using one of those - also I changed the name of my app so maybe more people will see it. Right now I don't care a ton about how my apps do, I really just want to learn more about video game/ app development stuff. I can't delete reviews, can I? Anyways, thanks a lot for your constructive criticism. I appreciate it :) –  Xterminate Games Feb 27 '12 at 23:18

Yes u are right, the money is not much, but it is not the reasons why I decided not to install:

a. First and most important, is the limited storage all of us have, after not many 3MB download, I am already having "insufficient storage" error. Take for my case: Xperia Arc S:


1G internal storage, but user-available is a mere 320MB.

b. Time available and chances of using it: installing and not using it is a waste of time. Time matters much much more than money, given those who can pay for Android phone will not quibbles over 1 or 2 dollars. So u have to think of something that really standout.....or your graphics/animations have to be really absorbing/attention catching.

c. Minor factors - if u can provide something simple that everyone can customize themselves, to uniquely identify themselves from others, it may take off too....

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You're totally right. But yeah I don't know anything about graphics, I just used Paint for my app LOL. first app, nbd. I wish I would have known all this stuff earlier. At least I do now haha thanks a lot!! –  Xterminate Games Feb 26 '12 at 6:10

Good job, learning to program at 16 and actually making something. There's a lot of luck involved, but to maximize your chances try to make a simple app that does a single thing. Make a semi-decent icon, good graphics and a catchy name (best if a single word).

Your app is doing too many unrelated things. Yes, it's a "utility", but very few people have the foresight to look at a list of diverse functions (calculating BMI, tips, GPA etc) and think they are going to use them all.

If someone wants to calculate a tip, they are going to type in "tip calculator" in the market search and simply pick the first or second one that comes up.

Also, try to be the first app that does a specific useful thing. The Flashlight app was easy to write, probably took an hour (at most). But it was the first, and it has more than a million DLs. If you were to make a flashlight app right now, even if it were just as good, it would probably not get too many DLs.

Good luck..

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haha wow I feel soo stupid now, putting all that stuff in. I guess I just thought bigger would be better. Oh well, it was good programming experience... thanks a lot for your advice, very helpful :) Just made me realize I wasn't thinking as a customer while making my app. Thanks! –  Xterminate Games Feb 26 '12 at 6:07
Don't feel stupid. Putting too much into an application is a common mistake that people with years of experience make. The important thing is what you do from here. And think of it this way, you wrote an app that's on the Android Market, that people have downloaded. How many 16 year olds can say that? :-) Good luck in your future endeavors! –  oconnor0 Feb 26 '12 at 6:18

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