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I am running Lazarus 0.9.30.

I have a standard TStringGrid on a form and have a function that dynamically adds TGridColumns objects to it at run time. I have a collection of objects that contain all the attributes of each column (that I read out of a file at run time), and I want to associate each object with its corresponding column header.

I have tried the code below but at run time when I try to access the object behind the column header object, I get a 'nil object returned. I suspect the reason this is occurring is that the grid cell (that holds the column title) is blank, and you can't associate objects with grid cells that are empty.

  TTmColumnTitles = class(TTmCollection)
    constructor Create;
    destructor  Destroy; override;

    function  stGetHint(anIndex : integer) : string;

  TTmColumnTitle = class(TTmObject)
    FCaption         : string;
    FCellWidth       : integer;
    FCellHeight      : integer;
    FFontOrientation : integer;
    FLayout          : TTextLayout;
    FAlignment       : TAlignment;
    FHint            : string;

    procedure vInitialise;

    property stCaption        : string      read FCaption         write FCaption;
    property iCellWidth       : integer     read FCellWidth       write FCellWidth;
    property iCellHeight      : integer     read FCellHeight      write FCellHeight;
    property iFontOrientation : integer     read FFontOrientation write FFontOrientation;
    property Layout           : TTextLayout read FLayout          write FLayout;
    property Alignment        : TAlignment  read FAlignment       write FAlignment;
    property stHint           : string      read FHint            write FHint;

    constructor Create;
    destructor  Destroy; override;

procedure TTmMainForm.vLoadGridColumnTitles
  aGrid       : TStringGrid;
  aCollection : TTmColumnTitles
  GridColumn   : TGridColumn;
  aColumnTitle : TTmColumnTitle; //Just a pointer!
  anIndex1     : integer;
  anIndex2     : integer;
  for anIndex1 := 0 to aCollection.Count - 1 do
      aColumnTitle := TTmColumnTitle(aCollection.Items[anIndex1]);

      GridColumn := aGrid.Columns.Add;
      GridColumn.Width := aColumnTitle.iCellWidth;
      GridColumn.Title.Font.Orientation := aColumnTitle.iFontOrientation;
      GridColumn.Title.Layout           := aColumnTitle.Layout;
      GridColumn.Title.Alignment        := aColumnTitle.Alignment;
      GridColumn.Title.Caption          := aColumnTitle.stCaption;

      aGrid.RowHeights[0] := aColumnTitle.iCellHeight;
      aGrid.Objects[anIndex1, 0] := aColumnTitle;
    end; {for}
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Hi there, 1) could you add the declaration of the TTmColumnTitle and TTmColumnTitles, please 2) are you sure with where you are storing the object, to the highest indexed row ? – TLama Feb 26 '12 at 21:17
I worked it out from your comment. You were right, there was a roblem with the index I was using to assign the object to the column within the row. I have updated the code sample with an example that works. – user1174918 Feb 27 '12 at 10:32
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Just assigning an object to the Objects property isn't enough. You have to draw the title caption from that object yourself in an OnDrawCell event handler, or assign the Cells property as well.

and you can't associate objects with grid cells that are empty

Yes you can. The string and the object of one cell 'work' independent of each other.

So it should be:

  for anIndex2 := 0 to aGrid.ColCount - 1 do 
    aColumnTitle := aCollection.Items[anIndex2];   // Is aCollection.Count in sync
                                                   // with aGrid.ColCount??
    aGrid.Cells[anIndex2, 0] := aColumnTitle.Caption;    
    aGrid.Objects[anIndex2, 0] := aColumnTitle;
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I think OP is already doing that, however the point about draw event is right. It also seems to me that the objects are stored into the wrong row. – TLama Feb 27 '12 at 10:20
There's a TStringGrid.Columns property, a collection of TGridColumn which has the Title.Caption, so there's no need (and it would probably even doesn't work) to use TStringGrid.Cells for header. Lazarus's implementation is far from the one from Delphi. – TLama Feb 27 '12 at 10:27
Ah, sorry: Lazarus! Silly me! – NGLN Feb 27 '12 at 10:28
Hello are correct, assigning the objects to the row will not actually display the GridColumn.Title.Caption. I do have a OnDrawCell event handler that does this. You and TLama were both correct in indicating that the indexes in my second 'for' loop were being used incorrectly. I actually ended up removing the second 'for' loop all together and added the line of code "aGrid.Objects[anIndex1, 0] := aColumnTitle;" suggested by yourself NGL to the first 'for' loop in the code sample (I have updated my original code sample). – user1174918 Feb 27 '12 at 10:44
I have removed the 'misleading' Delphi tag. – user1174918 Feb 27 '12 at 10:47

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