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I write this command to test a regex very ofter:

$ python -c 'import re; print(re.sub("e", "E", "hello"))'

The problem is that when I import multiply modules, command becomes longer and longer.
If I can config python to import re; import XXX; import YYY; automatically,
the command becomes much shorter:

$ python -c 'print(re.sub("e", "E", "hello"))'
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I'm not sure you can do that. Can't you just write a shell script that prepends the imports to your argument? –  chroipahtz Feb 26 '12 at 5:45

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I think instead of configuring Python it's much easier and more convenient to write a separate script to which you pass the regular expression to test:

test.py 're.sub("e", "E", "hello"))'

And test.py will import all needed modules (not tested):

import re
import XXX
import YYY
import sys

exec sys.argv[1]
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