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Is there an elegant way to know when a worker thread is done executing so I can access resources it produced?

For example if the worker thread queried a list of SQL Servers using


and saved the result in a DataTable variable, what mechanism can I use to know when this DataTable variable has been populated/is available. I don't want to poll ThreadState; it would be ideal to fire an event when it's done so I can perform actions with the result.


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You can use a callback mechanism or block on an event to know of completion of an Async operation. See this page for the Asychronous Programming Model in .net - you can call BeginInvoke on any delegate to perform the action in an Async manner.

If you're using the BackgroundWorker type, you can subscribe to the RunWorkerCompleted event.

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+1 Ooh, very nice! I'm checking out the Asynchronous Programming Model link right now, and I may be able to use one of the examples listed there. Thanks!! –  Pwninstein Jun 3 '09 at 14:57

So fire an event :-P

You could also look at using an AutoResetEvent:

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That would require some sort of polling that I'm trying to avoid. I'm looking for a solution that encapsulates thread creation, execution, and notification of completion. Being able to abort a thread is also a necessity. –  Pwninstein Jun 3 '09 at 14:38
+1 for the "so fire an event" comment –  ChrisF Jun 3 '09 at 15:42

What I do in this instance is get the WorkerThread to call a function after it has completed the work, which will invoke the the UI Thread, which can do the work in which you require.


private void SetWorkerThreadToDoWork()

private void MyWorkerThreadWork()
  //This will be on the WorkerThread (called from WorkerThread.Start())

private void WorkComplete()
  if(InvokeRequired == true)
    //Do the invoke
  //Check work done by worker thread
  //e.g. ServersSqlDataSourceEnumerator.Instance.GetDataSources();

If it's a simple process you're using, I'd go for a BackgroundWorkerThread, this comes with it's own events that are fired when work is complete. But if you require to use a Thread, I would either look in to Asynchronous Callbacks or a similar route to that shown above.

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You can check my answer on this SO thread

It uses a call back mechanism. When the async operation is done, it will fire the callback method where you can handle the processing that needs to be done post SQL execution.

Use a similar approach to be notified when the asynchronous operation is done.

Hope this helps :)

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I don't program in C# but here's what I did with Delphi, maybe you can do it as well with C#. I have a TThread descendant, and in the "destroy" event I send a message to its creator saying "hey I'm about to die !". This way its parent (which is the main thread) creates a new one if it needs a new one. To be precise it launches a timer that, when fired, creates a new thread if a new one is needed (sites sucking time (lol) !!).

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