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Do you know any jquery plugin or something to implement dual list-boxes?

I searched and found this project http://kgaddy.com/jqueryMoverBoxes/ but the it is very simple.

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Provided link is dead. All the links on this page are all dead. –  dyslexicanaboko Mar 17 at 1:40

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Have a look at http://www.billsternberger.net/jquery/how-to-create-a-dual-listbox-in-jquery/

Hope this helps.

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It appears that this link is dead. –  dyslexicanaboko Mar 17 at 1:39
I think since that day there are much more information on google than there was at the time. Searching for "dual listbox in jquery" I could find, at least, these two: virtuosoft.eu/code/bootstrap-duallistbox and jqueryscript.net/form/… Hope this helps you. –  Gabriel L. Oliveira May 16 at 13:05

The link provided by Gabriel Oliveira is a nice and short example of how to implement dual listboxes with jquery and Microsoft .NET MVC (although MVC isn't required). But just in case someone else get to this question here is another JQuery plug-in option http://www.meadmiracle.com/dlb/DLBDocumentation.aspx

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Turns out your link is dead too. –  dyslexicanaboko Mar 17 at 1:39

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