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I am new to pdfbox and I want to extract a paragraph that matches some particular words and I am able to extract the whole pdf to text(notepad) but I have no idea of how to extract particular paragraph to my java program. Can anyone help me with this atleast some tutorials or examples.Thank you so much

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Text in PDF documents is absolutely positioned. So instead of words, lines and paragraphs, one only has absolutely positioned characters.

Let's say you have a paragraph:

Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit

Roughly speaking, in the PDF file it will be represented as characters N at some position, e a bit right to it, q, u, e more to the right, etc.

PDFBox tries to guess how the characters make words, lines and paragraphs. So it will look for a lot of characters at approximately same vertical position, for groups of characters that are near to each other and similar to try and find what you need. It does that by extracting the text from the entire page and then processing it character by character to create text (it can also try and extract text from just one rectangular area inside a page). See the appropriate class PDFTextStripper (or PDFTextStripperByArea). For usage, see ExtractText.java in PDFBox sources.

That means that you cannot extract paragraphs easily using PDFBox. It also means that PDFBox can and sometimes will miss when extracting text (there are a lot of very different PDF documents out there).

What you can do is extract text from the entire page and then try and find your paragraph searching through that text. Regular expressions are usually well suited for such tasks (available in Java either through Pattern and Matcher classes, or convenience methods on String class).

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Thank you so much. So I cannot use pdfbox for extracting a paragraph instead I need to use the generated text file to extract the paragraph using pattern matching. Thanks for the information. –  scc Feb 27 '12 at 17:55

I had detected the start of paragraph using the using the following approach. Read the page line by line. For each line:-

  1. Find the last index of '.' (period) in the line.
  2. Compare this index with the length of the input line.
  3. If the index is less then this implies that this is not the end of the previous paragraph.
  4. If it is then it indicates that the previous paragraph has ended and the next line will be the beginning of the new paragraph.

Hope this helps.

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I did split the text line by line and had additional requirements too but that was long back, thanks for the answer! –  scc Apr 8 '13 at 13:56

After extracting text, paragraph can be constructed programmatically considering following points:

  1. All lines starts with small letters should be joined with previous line. But a line starts with capital letter may also require to join with previous line. e.g: for quoted expression.

  2. .,?,!," ending line with these characters may be the end of paragraph. Not always.

  3. If programmatically a paragraph is determined, then test it for even number of quotes. This may be simple double quote or Unicode double opening and closing quote.

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Try this:

private static String getParagraphs(String filePath, int linecount) throws IOException {
    ParagraphDetector paragraphDetector = new ParagraphDetector();
    StringBuilder extracted = new StringBuilder();
    LineIterator it = IOUtils.lineIterator(new BufferedReader(new FileReader(filePath)));
    int i = 0;
    String line;
        for (int lineNumber = 0; it.hasNext(); lineNumber++) {
            line = (String) it.next();
            if (lineNumber == linecount) {
                for (int j = 0; it.hasNext(); j++) {
                    extracted.append((String) it.next());
        return paragraphDetector.SentenceSplitter(extracted.toString());
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Which ParagraphDetector class is that. –  mkl Jan 1 at 14:10
After finding specific word in file, it detects from starting point of word to end of the paragraph. –  Praveen Kumar K R Jan 2 at 4:03
It is neither part of PDFBox not in the java standard API (or is it some newer addition?). Thus, from which library is it? –  mkl Jan 2 at 9:10

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