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I need to run javascript in php or python or java. My problem is, when a dynamic page load in browser some javascript executes and add some content on html. But if i download the file using wget or any programming language then i can not find the dynamic portion. I am giving you an example:

      <script type="text/javascript" >
         document.body.innerHTML= "hello world";

In the above code when i run the code in browser it shows hello world. But if i download the file or open with text editor i will see nothing. So i need to get the output using any programming language. For that i need to execute the javascript. [python,c/c++,php,javascript,java] any language.

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Why do you need the dynamically generated document source? –  outis Feb 26 '12 at 8:45

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Apparently Java has it too.

Javax Script Engine

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There seems to be a V8 JavaScript Engine Integration inside PHP.

I'm not sure whether this is

  • stable,
  • usable,
  • sensible

at all, but at least it seems this could be an approach for solving your requirement.

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You might find the easiest way to use something like Selenium to control a real browser, then to do it that way.

Trying to parse it otherwise will be a problem, as there may be ajax request etc which will cause issues.

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