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I'm new with Weka. I want to use Sequential Minimal Optimization in WEKA. Could anyone tell me how to proceed? here is my Java code but it doesn't work:

public class SVMTest {
public void test(File input) throws Exception{
File tmp = new File("tmp-file-duplicate-pairs.arff");
String path = input.getParent();
////removeFeatures(input,tmp,useType,useNames, useActivities, useOccupation,useFriends,useMailAndSite,useLocations);
Instances data = new weka.core.converters.ConverterUtils.DataSource(tmp.getAbsolutePath()).getDataSet();
data.setClassIndex(data.numAttributes() - 1);
Classifier c = null;        
String ctype = null;
boolean newmodel = false;

ctype ="SMO";
c = new SMO();
String[] options = {"-M"};
newmodel = true;
//c = loadClassifier(input.getParentFile().getParentFile(),ctype);
    saveModel(c,ctype, input.getParentFile().getParentFile());
Evaluation eval = new Evaluation(data);
eval.crossValidateModel(c, data, 10, new Random(1));


 private static void saveModel(Classifier c, String name, File path) throws Exception {

ObjectOutputStream oos = null;
try {
    oos = new ObjectOutputStream(
            new FileOutputStream(path.getAbsolutePath()+"/"+name+".model"));
} catch (FileNotFoundException e1) {
} catch (IOException e1) {


I want to know how to provide .arff file? my Dataset is in the form of XML files.

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You create instance of SMO and use it for cross validation. If this is what you want (and not classification, actually), than your SMO is ok and title is wrong. Otherwise specify your question more clearly: do you have problem with classification, file conversion, reading from XML or what? Also describe what are tmp and input files and why you think it doesn't work - are you getting exceptions, wrong behavior or your code is not being compiled. –  ffriend Feb 26 '12 at 11:53
my problem is the classification with SMO and not cross validation with SMO. I thought that SMO is Sequential Minimal Optimization. Isn't? –  Marie Feb 27 '12 at 10:34
SMO is what you need, but you are not classifying instances at all - you evaluate classifier. To classify instances you need classifyInstance() method. See [docs](weka.wikispaces.com/… instances) for details. And read more about classification itself, now you are doing it blindly. –  ffriend Feb 27 '12 at 12:46

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I guess you have figured it out by now, but in case it helps others, there is a wiki page about it:


to use SMO, let's say you have some train instances "trainset", and a test set "testset" to build the classifier:

            // train SMO and output model
            SMO classifier = new SMO();

to evaluate it using cross validation for example:

    Evaluation eval = new Evaluation(testset);
    Random rand = new Random(1); // using seed = 1
    int folds = 10;
    eval.crossValidateModel(classifier, testset, folds, rand);

then eval holds all the stats, etc.

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You can Read input file from these line:

Instances training_data = new Instances(new BufferedReader(
        new FileReader("tmp-file-duplicate-pairs.arff")));
training_data.setClassIndex(training_data.numAttributes() - 1);
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The following link explains about using SMO in weka http://preciselyconcise.com/apis_and_installations/training_a_weka_classifier_in_java.php

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