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I have a property in a class like:

public int ProductID {get;set;}

Is it possible in .NET to make some 'alias' for this property like to give it another name like 'Product_Id'?

So later I can set this property by using:

obj.ProductID = 555;


obj.Product_Id = 666;
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Why not make a field private int productID;, and two properties, both with the same body of { get { return productID; } set { productID = value; } }? Or if you have some existing code that uses Product_Id or something, you can just do a find and replace to fix it. –  Robert Rouhani Feb 26 '12 at 8:42
just wondering why is this ever needed –  nawfal May 22 '12 at 4:33

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public int Product_Id { get { return ProductID; } set { ProductID = value; } }
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private int _prodId;

public int ProductID { get { return _prodId; } set { _prodId = value; } }
public int Product_ID { get { return _prodId; } set { _prodId = value; } }

both ProductID and Product_ID relate to the same member.

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Not an alias, but you can just add another property that redirects to that property.

public int ProductID {get;set;}
public int Product_ID
    get { return ProductID; }
    set { ProductID = value;
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