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What better way is to PHP template ? ( fast, cacheable (Gzip, Php Cache) , optimized(server) )

Method One :

<div class="test"><?PHP echo $row['data']; ?></div>
<div class="test"><?PHP echo $row['data1']; ?></div>
<div class="test"><?PHP echo $row['data2']; ?></div>
<div class="test"><?PHP echo $row['data3']; ?></div>

Mehod Two : using any template systems ( smarty, raintpl, DWoo , ... ). Considering that the separation of content from design is essential in large projects but Which way is better otherwise?

in found this site for php template benchmark: (site has changed and does not offer benchmarks anymore) Result : php faster than all templates systems. It's True ?

I've been in some doubt.

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php is a templating language – miki Feb 26 '12 at 9:19
The prevailing attitude around here is that PHP is a templating language, and if we talk about anything else we'll get downvoted into oblivion. – Dagg Nabbit Feb 26 '12 at 9:21
@GGG: No, you'll get downvoted if you say something misleading and stupid. There's nothing wrong with having a different opinion. – Madara Uchiha Feb 26 '12 at 9:25
@Truth nope, not gonna fall for it ;) – Dagg Nabbit Feb 26 '12 at 9:35

PHP is a templating language, the others you mention (and I would add Twig to that least) are templating systems or frameworks. There is a difference; PHP itself just gives you the tools to build a templating system. It tells you nothing about how you might deal with issues like output-escaping, internationalisation etc. Of course there is plenty of information about how to deal with these on the web so if you know what the issues are you can solve them. Most templating systems have dealt with some or all of these issues already and will have documented functions to deal with them. This is why PHP runs much faster, as it is not "encumbered" with the extra functionality. Personally, if you know what you are doing, you can probably use PHP directly to create your templates. Otherwise, I would suggest you use on of the systems out there already. I'm not a huge fan of Smarty as it reinvents the wheel with its own syntax. From what I've seen of Twig, it's much better (and anecdotally faster) as the templates are native PHP.

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Twig invents yet another syntax, so what's better here? Also Twig is not faster than Smarty, according to – rodneyrehm Feb 26 '12 at 9:44
Doh! You're right. I was confusing Twig with an in-house view system I use. My point about speed was "anecdotally". I completely confess to having no benchmarks for that. Those are really minor points. My major point still stands (which from your other answer it seems you may agree with!) – liquorvicar Feb 26 '12 at 9:50

Please have a look at the source of - you'll see that you can't take those tests seriously. You can already see this when looking at the results for dwoo - 50 runs are faster than 20?! Obviously flawed!

Maybe my answer to Pure PHP/HTML views VS template engines views helps.

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There are lots of template systems out there, but I just use simple includes.

<div class="test"><?php include('path/to/template/file.php'); ?></div>

In this way, you can put whatever type of content you want in your template file. For example, in path/to/template/file.php, you can put

<?php echo $row['data']; ?>
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The PHP itself is a template engine besides it's other capabilities. I think PHP is pure and easy to use enough to use it as template engine, no need 3rd party engines.

And yes pure PHP is much more faster.

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Once you implemented all the "bells and whistles" (things that make a template engine so much more comfortable than plain PHP) like caching, inheritance, value scopes, plugin API, HTML processing aids - you will find yourself having written yet another template engine. If you need more than <?php echo $foo ?>, you're probably better off using a mature template engine. – rodneyrehm Feb 26 '12 at 10:02

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