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I have 4 fields, docContent, visibility, docOwner and docType. I want to get all docType:ProfileDocument except those with visibility:1. But the owner of each document can say that his document with visibility:1 can be returned from the search result. The query bellow searches for asd, returning all documents that matches the term and their visibility is not 1 except for docOwner:390. The query works but the docType:ProfileDocument is repeated twice. How to refactor the query so docType:ProfileDocument be presented only once?

    (NOT visibility:1 AND docType:ProfileDocument)
    OR ( docOwner:390 AND visibility:1 AND docType:ProfileDocument)

I tried this but I failed:

    (((NOT visibility:1)
    OR ( docOwner:390 AND visibility:1))
    AND docType:ProfileDocument)
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The AND NOT operator cannot be used with just one term. For example, the following search will return no results:

AND NOT "jakarta apache"


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