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I have written my own url routing mechanism, which allows mapping URLs to ModelAndViews and ModelAndViews back to URL (

I am trying to create a Freemarker method which would modify the current ModelAndView and call the reverse routing process.

So in the template I would like to achieve something like:

 ${link("view", [id:10, page:1])}

Then the macro would be defined something like:

HandlerAdapter ha;

public TemplateModel exec(List args) throws TemplateModelException {
    ModelAndView current = __getItSomehowFromTheTemplate();
    if (current.getViewName() != (String) args.get(0)) {
         // if the view is the same, we just modify the model
    } else {
         // the view is different, we create a new ModelAndView
         current = new ModelAndView();

    // reverse routing process
    return new SimpleScalar(ha.constructUrl(current));

I wonder whether I have to pass the ModelAndView to the method each time or I can let Freemarker somehow pass it automatically like with my magic method __getItSomehowFromTheTemplate();

If I have to pass it automatically, how can I do that? I did not find any direct reference to the current ModelAndView.


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How do you get the current ModelAndView in a template? From the data-model (template context) maybe? Because then you could call Environment.getCurrentEnvironment().getDataModel().get("theVariableName") to get it. (See:

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Perfect, thank you! – Vojtěch Feb 26 '12 at 17:55

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