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I would like to use drag and drop functions in my wicket application. Into my pom.xml I add: wicket-dnd (

But my code do not work. Could you help me, please?

I have got table. In the first cell ("td") is "span" element. I want this "span" drag and drop into another cell ("td") in the table. Thanks for help.

        WebMarkupContainer container = new WebMarkupContainer("container");
    Model<String> model = Model.of(new String("AAA"));
    container.add(new DragSource(Operation.values()) {
          public void onAfterDrop(AjaxRequestTarget target, Transfer transfer) {



    container.add(new DropTarget(Operation.values()) {
          public void onDrop(AjaxRequestTarget target, Transfer transfer, Location location) {
            // add transfer data


    Label label = new Label("aaa", model);


and HTML:

    <div wicket:id="container" class="container">

            <td><span wicket:id="aaa" class="aaa">www</span></td>

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Your s have to output their markup id, otherwise wicket-dnd will not be able to notify the server which drop location was chosen by the drop operation.

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