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I want to write a Windows Forms application in VB 2010 that will allow the user to search and view addresses or coordinate points on Google Maps. I've already done this by using a WebBrowser item. However I want to use a wrapper so that I can just display the map to the user, but still be able to move and zoom the map or give directions, etc. I know there are ways to do this when developing an ASP.NET site, but I want to do this for a WindowsForms app. Could anyone please help?

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duplicate of – Mikos Feb 26 '12 at 9:30
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Google Maps API for .NET seeme to be what you are looking for

from the site

This project intends to provide all the features available in the Google Maps API. It is being developed in C# for .NET Framework 3.5.

Although the project is in C# you can probably just add a reference to the project and use it just like any other reference and write your code in any CLR compliant languege , including VB.

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Try this code to get direction between two location

Dim queryaddress As New System.Text.StringBuilder
        Dim sStreet As String = String.Empty
        Dim sCity As String = String.Empty
        Dim sState As String = String.Empty
        Dim sPincode As String = String.Empty
        Dim sProvider_no As String = String.Empty

        If txtprovider_no.Text <> "" Then
            sProvider_no = txtprovider_no.Text.Replace(" ", "+")
            queryaddress.Append(sProvider_no + "," & "+")
        End If
        If txtState.Text <> "" Then
            sState = txtState.Text.Replace("  ", "+")
            queryaddress.Append(sState + "," & "+")
        End If
        If txtCity.Text <> "" Then
            sCity = txtCity.Text.Replace("  ", "+")
            queryaddress.Append(sCity + "," & "+")
        End If
        If txtPincode.Text <> "" Then
            sPincode = txtPincode.Text.Replace("  ", "+")
        End If

        sStreet = String.Empty
        sCity = String.Empty
        sState = String.Empty
        sPincode = String.Empty
        If txtlindmark.Text <> "" Then
            sStreet = txtlindmark.Text.Replace("  ", "+")
            queryaddress.Append(sStreet + "," & "+")
        End If
        If txtclient_city.Text <> "" Then
            sCity = txtclient_city.Text.Replace("  ", "+")
            queryaddress.Append(sCity + "," & "+")
        End If
        If ttxtclient_city.Text <> "" Then
            sPincode = ttxtclient_city.Text.Replace("  ", "+")
        End If
        If txtclient_state.Text <> "" Then
            sState = txtclient_state.Text.Replace("  ", "+")
            queryaddress.Append(sState + "," & "+")
        End If

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I have use this control and it's really fantastic. It let you use not only GoogleMaps but virtually all the major mapping services, however, the last time I have checked, they have got some licensing troubles with google.

GreatMaps on codeplex

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