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I installed easy_install under windows, and installed pygraph but the commad import gv in the example taken from here doesn't work:

What is gv lib? what import gv does?

I get this error :

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Python27\", line 11, in <module>
    import gv
ImportError: No module named gv

All the other imports works fine

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This could have multiple problem sources:

  1. While installing, something went wrong and the module couldn't be installed.
  2. You haven't set your Python Path correctly.
  3. @second example: The module pygraph.readwrite could exists, but it's possible that it hasn't got a submodule called dot.

Of course there are sure other possibile problems, but I think this would be the most likely.

Edit: Have a look at this. Looks like it's the same problem as yours.

For the second problem eventually this discussion may also help.

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Try to install libgv-python with you package manager. On Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install libgv-python
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This seems to be a common issue with python-graph, see the discussion at gv is GraphViz and apparently something with the place or the bindings of this library is wrong. You might have to modify sys.path, but it might be even more troublesome on Windows.

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From python-graph's "Issue 15: import gv":

It appears that graphviz for windows has no python bindings, or they are not included with the installer, and not available elsewhere.

Furthermore, I can find no mention of libgv-python (the library which gv is from, I think) ever being available on windows.

You can workaround the absent by using the command line tools directly.

Assuming you're trying the example code, remove these lines:

import gv

And remove these lines:

gvv = gv.readstring(dot)

And add these lines instead, making sure the path to dot.exe is correct, or is otherwise in your PATH:

f = open('', 'a')
import os
command = '"C:\\Program Files\\Graphviz 2.28\\bin\\dot.exe" -Tpng > europe.png'
print command
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Module gv corresponding to graphviz-python a python binding of graphviz See :

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