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my question is very simple but at the moment i don't know how to do this. I have a string in ISO-8859-1 format and i need to convert this string to UTF-8. I need to do it in c# on windows phone 7 sdk. How can i do it? Thanks

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Two clarifications on the previous answers:

There is no Encoding.GetText method (unless it was introduced specifically for the WP7 framework). The method should presumably be Encoding.GetString.

The Encoding.GetString method takes a byte[] parameter, not a string. All strings in .NET are internally represented as UTF-16; there is no way of having a “string in ISO-8859-1 format”. Thus, you must be careful how you read your source (file, network), rather than how you process your string.

For example, to read from a text file encoded in ISO-8859-1, you could use:

string text = File.ReadAllText(path, Encoding.GetEncoding("iso-8859-1"));

To save to a text file encoded in UTF-8, you could use:

File.WriteAllText(path, text, Encoding.UTF8);

Reply to comment:

Yes. You can use Encoding.GetString to decode your byte array (assuming it contains character values for text under a particular encoding) into a string, and Encoding.GetBytes to convert your string back into a byte array (possibly of a different encoding), as demonstrated in the other answers.

The concept of “encoding” relates to how byte sequences (be they a byte[] array in memory or the content of a file on disk) are to be interpreted. The string class is oblivious to the encoding that the text was read from, or should be saved to.

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so if i read my "string" as a byte array there is a way to convert it? – Rdb Feb 26 '12 at 12:58

The MSDN page for the Encoding class lists the recognized encodings.

28591 iso-8859-1 Western European (ISO)

For your question the correct choice is iso-8859-1 which you can pass to Encoding.GetEncoding.

var inputEncoding = Encoding.GetEncoding("iso-8859-1");
var text = inputEncoding.GetString(input);
var output = Encoding.Utf8.GetBytes(text);
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