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I am currently trying to detect [P Plates] enter image description here in images made from panoramas off the top of a car (so the P plates could be coming from in front or behind me, and may be distorted). There may be more than 2 P plates so I would need the ability to detect more than 1 at a time. I have used OpenCV template matching with mixed success, it doesn't seem to cope with P plates on an angle well and I cannot seem to get it to recognise 2 in an image. I have also tried SURF but with no luck. Does anyone have any recommendations for the kind of algorithm I should use here (preferably one that is integrated into OpenCV).

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You may want to go with SIFT using Rob Hess' SIFT Library. It's using OpenCV and is pretty fast.

Another way is to detect squares and than use content of the square for further processing.

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