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Is there a way to build a XPath query that finds a node at a certain position AND with a certain attribute value?

Consider the following sample xml:

<Item Type="Book">
<!--1st Param node in a Book item is always the autors last name-->
<Param Value="Updike" />
<!--2nd Param node in a Book item is always the autors first name-->
<Param Value="John" />
<!--3rd Param node in a Book item is always the book title-->
<Param Value="Toward the End of Time" /></Item>

Now can I build a single query that finds the following:

Find all Item nodes of Type "Book" where the 2nd Param node has a Value of "John". So I would like to find all books where the authors frist name is "John".

Note that I am using .NET XPathDocument.

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Note that I am using .NET XPathDocument.

So limited to XPath V1.

You can include (relative and absolute) paths in a predicate. So something like:

//Item[@Type='Book'][./Param[2][@Value = 'John']]

(I would try and avoid "//", as it requires a search of the whole DOM, but can't provide a better axis without more context.)

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Your expression is not limited to books. –  Ben Blank Jun 3 '09 at 16:40
@Ben: Now fixed. –  Richard Jun 4 '09 at 9:48

What about the requirement to have only the Item that are Books?

Try this:

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The expression would be:

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