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I'm wanting to fetch and group records from a database table by the first letter. So for example:





Ideally, I'd like my data structure to come out as follows:

    [A] => Array
        [0] => Array
            [Person] => Array
                [id] => 12
                [name] => Alfred

I could do this with a raw MySQL query, but not sure if CakePHP supports this out of the box. I'm just literally wanting records grouped so I can iterate over them and create an unordered list for each letter:

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What i would do is: order them by name and then sort them in a loop:

$people = $this->Person->find('all', array(
    'order' => 'Person.name ASC'

And then you could do:

$letter = '';
foreach($people as $person) {
    $firstLetter = strtolower(substr($person['Person']['name'], 0, 1));
    if ($firstLetter !== $letter) {
        $letter = $firstLetter;
    $_people[$letter][] = $person;
$people = $_people;

Or just do it directly in the view so you don't need to loop it twice:

<?php $letter = 'first'; ?>
<?php foreach ($people as $person) : ?>
    <?php $firstLetter = strtolower(substr($person['Person']['name'], 0, 1)); ?>
    <?php if ($firstLetter !== $letter) : ?>
        <?php if ($letter !== 'first') : ?>
        <?php endif; ?>
        <?php $letter = $firstLetter; ?>
        <li><h2><?php echo $firstLetter; ?></h2><ul>
    <?php endif; ?>
    <li><?php echo $person['Person']['name']; ?></li>
<?php endforeach; ?>

I wouldn't know how to get this structure just by using a find call (except for making 26 calls or creating a db table containing all letters) and I don't see why that would be neccesairy.

Hope that helps! (ps code isn't tested... but you get the point. should there be any typos)

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Try this:

$peoplebyletter = array();

foreach($people as $person){
    $peoplebyletter[strtolower(substr($person['Person']['name'], 0, 1))][] = $person;


Not tested. Let me know if it works.

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