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The site is working ok. It is routing urls ok when i click on links or by using the .navigate() function.

But... if i write the URL in the browser's url bar (tried with chrome / firefox) i get a response from the server: Cannot GET /route (i'm using express node.js server).

Example: I have the site at localhost:3333, if i write localhost:3333/favorites i get this response: Cannot GET /favorites.

But if i click on a link that has an event handler that calls a .navigate() function the view is displayed and the url bar get's updated to "localhost:3333/favorites"! Some idea?

I tried with: Backbone.history.start({pushState: true}) and Backbone.history.start()

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This is as to be expected. Your server needs to support all the same routes and return the HTML/JS/etc regardless. Once the page has rendered backbone will register the route and render the appropriate view.

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