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Im using mailsnake to intergrate my app with Mailchimp but im stuck here. I need to do a campaignSegmentTest and im doing it as follows:

conditions = [{'field':'FILTER', 'op':'eq', 'value':'test1'}]; 
print ms.campaignSegmentTest(list_id=self.list_id, options=[{'match':'all', 'conditions':conditions}])

I get the error msg: {u'code': 506, u'error': u'"match" must be "any" or "all"'}

What am i doing wrong?

here is the link to the api docs:

API link

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try set "options" as dict not as list:

print ms.campaignSegmentTest(list_id=self.list_id, options={'match':'all', 'conditions':conditions})
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Nope, according to documentation its need to be an array. this is new error when doing it as dict : {u'code': 506, u'error': u'One of the conditions passed does not appear to be an array. If you are passing 1 condition you probably have not actually put it in an array'} –  Harry Feb 27 '12 at 7:11
It worked for me. And read your error message. Problem in "conditions" –  kosmos342 Feb 27 '12 at 8:27

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