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I'm using APE server to power some real-time updates in my web application:


My app contains code that prevents users from spamming the system. Under GPL, I believe that if I sell or distribute the code that I'm building, I have to release the source of all parts of my project along with it. Is this correct?

If my code is powering a web application, and isn't being "shared" for installation or re-use, can I keep some portions of my code closed? Although I don't mind sharing most of my code, I'd like to keep the spam protection components closed up.


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You should talk to a lawyer to get an answer to your question instead of asking on a tech site. The GPL and its ramifications can be extremely subtle, you should get professional advice to ensure that you're going to be ok.

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+1. What Larry said –  Rob Feb 28 '12 at 6:45

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