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I'm looking to run this for loop, but it takes an unacceptably long time (~20s) to execute. x and y are predefined vectors of length 2000000.

for(i in 1:2000000)
    a <- runif(1)
    b <- runif(1)
    sqrtf <- sqrt(-log(b,10))

    x[i] <- sqrtf*cos(a)
    y[i] <- sqrtf*cos(b)

Any tricks available to speed this up a bit?

EDIT: fixed the sqrtf

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n <- 2e6
a <- runif(n)
b <- runif(n)
sqrtf <- sqrt(-log10(b))
x <- sqrtf*cos(a)
y <- sqrtf*cos(b)
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Why do you have the assignments to x and y ? You never use them. –  Xu Wang Feb 27 '12 at 6:20
because I was in a hurry. fixed, thanks. –  Ben Bolker Feb 27 '12 at 12:52
# just so you don't have to write 2000000 over and over
n <- 2e6
# so the results are replicable
# the meat and potatoes... this is "vectorized" code that you'll hear lots about
# as you study R
a <- runif(n)
b <- runif(n)
sqrtf <- sqrt( -log10(b) )
x <- sqrtf * cos(a)
y <- sqrtf * cos(b)
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x <- sqrtexp*cos(runif(2e6))

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