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Is it possible to pass a HashSet by reference to a function? This is my code currently.


this.scrapeFriends(startUsers, userIDs, 100);


private void scrapeFriends(StringCollection startUsers, ref HashSet<string> userIDs, int p)
    // Do something

If I remove the ref it works. If I add it, it don't and it won't compile.

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Did you try it? –  Lasse V. Karlsen Feb 26 '12 at 18:01
You're probably misunderstanding ref. –  SLaks Feb 26 '12 at 18:02
Did you remember to put in the ref key word in front of userIds when calling the scrapeFriends method from Main? –  Maate Feb 26 '12 at 18:05

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You're always passing a HashSet<T> by reference since it is a reference type.

The ref keyword is there for you to pass the variable by reference.


  • With or without ref, you can change the contents of the HashSet<T>
  • With the ref keyword, you can replace the HashSet<T> instance with a different instance, and have the calling code be aware of this (you're modifying the variable passed to the method)
  • Without the ref keyword, if you replace the instance with a different instance, that change only has effect inside the method being called, the code that called it still has the old reference

The reason the code is not compiling is that if you make a parameter to a method a ref parameter, you have to call it with the ref keyword as well, so change your calling code to this:

this.scrapeFriends(startUsers, ref userIDs, 100);
                                +-- add this
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In order to make this compile you need to add ref at the callsite

this.scrapeFriends(startUsers, ref userIDs, 100);

However I do want to ask why you are doing this? HashSet<T> is a reference type in .Net and hence a copy of it's not passed to every function. Each function will refer to the same HashSet<T> instance (but through a different copy of the reference). The ref causes the reference to be passed by reference which is almost certainly not needed here

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There are few situations where you need to pass around a mutable reference type(such as HashSet<T>) around by reference. Are you sure this is one of them? In particular the method can add new items to the set without using ref. You only need ref if you want to change which set this points to in the first place. It's unlikely that you want that here.

The reason why your code doesn't compile is that for ref parameters you also need to specify ref at the call site:

this.scrapeFriends(startUsers, ref userIDs, 100);

But as I said, it's unlikely that you want this.

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