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In one of my fields, I have data that looks like

-  Data with spaces, some other data,   .

I put the . at the end so you can see that it has double whitespace

I want to remove the - and remove any and all double (or more spaces). Leaving the result with a single white space.

Not all data in the column has a leading hyphen ( - ) Some of them are

Data with spaces, some other data
Data  with  double  spaces,  some other data  . (double space at end)
  Data with leading double space, some other data
- Some data with hyphen,  and double space
  - double space leading hyphen, some other data

These are the few variations in the DB. I was attempting to fix each one manually but it takes so long to correct an entry.

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try this:

rtrim(ltrim(REPLACE (COLUMN_NAME, '-', ' ')))

I did not understand if you need an extra space in the end, but if you do just add +' '

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Thanks this did the trick –  Cocoa Dev Feb 26 '12 at 20:21

You can try to combine some of the core functions to get the result you want.

For example, the query

select trim(substr('-  Data with spaces, some other data,   ', 2))

outputs Data with spaces, some other data,

First I removed the - by returning a substring, then I trimmed the whitespace.

Edit: checking out for leading - character

select trim(
      when (substr(FIELD, 1, 1) in ('-'))
         then substr(FIELD, 2)

The in ('-') is for the case you want to exclude more symbols, ex. in ('-', '+', ',')

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Not all data has a leading - –  Cocoa Dev Feb 26 '12 at 19:18
@CocoaDev, I updated my answer. –  Nick Dandoulakis Feb 26 '12 at 20:09

Something like this will work. It is kind of messy though, so I am not sure if this is what you want or not. you may want a recursive function like a cte to remove more than 2 spaces though. But, this solves the problem as presented.

case SUBSTRING('-  Data with spaces, some other data,   .', 1,1)
    when '-' then REPLACE(
        SUBSTRING('-  Data with spaces, some other data,   .',2,
            LEN('-  Data with spaces, some other data,   .')-1)
        ,'  ',' ')
    else REPLACE('-  Data with spaces, some other data,   .','  ',' ')
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