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How can i install my application from eclipse to my mobile (Galaxy) without put it on Android Market?

Thank you!

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I don't use eclipse, but once you build your app and sign it into an 'apk' you can simply connect the device via USB to your development machine and install it via a command line (terminal) window with the command: > adb install my_app.apk See the Android Docs for all the ADB options. It's worth your time to learn about ADB

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Thank you but can you explain more. how can i sign it into 'apk'? and why should i learn about ADB options? Thank you again – user1221658 Feb 28 '12 at 12:37

you can connect your phone wuth usb cable and run it.

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you can find your file.apk and install it on your device from your workspace > Solution name >bin

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if you don't want to generate apk file manually,

  1. Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging set it on.
  2. Connect your phone via USB cable.
  3. Run your app.
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