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I've found a limitation in the routing mechanism for ASP.Net mvc and I'm trying to find a workaround.

I posted a related question here about the issue I was having.

The gist of the problem is that routes that end with a . (period) are never handled by the default routing mechanism. A "Resource Cannot Be Found" error is always thrown. For example it cannot handle these urls:


if I change it to querystring parameter like this it works fine:


I'm trying to find an extensibility point in the routing mechanism that will help me resolve this issue. I've tried other solutions like this:

protected void Application_Error()
     var url = HttpContext.Current.Request.RawUrl;
         var fixedUrl = FixUrlPath(url);

         //This throws an error

         //This also throws an error
         Server.Transfer(fixedUrl );

I'm guessing that the Response.Redirect and Server.Transfer throw errors because in MVC you should be calling the RedirectToAction methods from the controller. Of course I can't even get to the controller.

This seems to be a pretty big limitation considering the Apache server that Wikipedia uses handles this just fine. try it out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington,_D.C. If anyone could please offer some help here I would appreciate it.

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Trying it out myself, I'm seeing periods being passed in without any problem. Could you post an example of the routes you're defining and the controllers they map to? –  tghw Jun 3 '09 at 17:33

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Could you turn of checking file exists in the routes but allow certain extensions through?

routes.RouteExistingFiles = true;

// Ignore the assets directory which contains images, js, css & html

// Ignore text, html, files.
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