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I have written a popup with an overlay, not dissimilar from the usual picture displayers, the user clicks and an overlay covers the screen and fetches the big picture then displays the picture in question over the overlay.

The problem is, when the user clicks close my function fades out the pic and overlay then removes them... when I call the .remove() function the browser then focusses on the body tag and scrolls to the top of the page.

I have been trying to build in a work around by capturing the offset.top co-ords and storing them in an attribute on the element the user clicked on, then when the popup is closed and after the .remove() function has been called i then use the scrollTo() function to return the correct scroll position (which for some reason overshoots and scrolls the element to the top).

   /*creating the popup layer and picture*/
    function newsPopup(obj){

      /***PART ZERO - get the timestamp value of this ***/
            var itemID = $(obj).attr('itemID');
            var storyNumber = $(obj).attr('storyNumber');

            /*adding the identifier for later*/
            var offset = $(obj).offset();
            var roundedOff = Math.round(offset.top);
            $(obj).attr('scrollMeBack', roundedOff);

     /*** the script then continues to create an overlay and picture popup

    /*function to remove popup*/
    function overlayRemove(){
        //first fade out the cover and the container

        //then remove it from the page completely

        /*value to scroll the element back to*/
        var scrollBack = $('[SpringCMSscrollMeBack]').attr('SpringCMSscrollMeBack');
        setTimeout('$(window).scrollTop('+scrollBack+')',401); /*notes the 1 millisecond delay here to mean the scroll ahppen after the item has been removed.*/


Why is the .remove() function causing the jump back to the top of the page? Even with the scrollTo work around it looks sloppy as the stuff fades out but then jumps up to the top of the screen and then back down to the element in question..

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Thank you!! So simple.. :) –  John Feb 26 '12 at 20:58

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See How can I remove the location hash without causing the page to scroll? ;

Alternatively, you can return false; to stop this behavior...

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Ah cool thanks :) –  John Feb 27 '12 at 0:02

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