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I have a program that receives serial data and uses matplotlib to graph it using Tkinter. I have this working currently, but I've had to use the .after() function to poll a queue for data. In other UI frameworks I've used in the past (different projects in C) there has been a way to ask the UI framework to call a function given to it from the mainloop (either after some amount of time, during idle, etc). If I try to use .after() on a thread which isn't the mainloop, it doesn't work and complains at me.

Is there a way to call a user supplied function, provided on a thread which isn't the mainloop, from the mainloop? Or, is there a way to instruct the mainloop to wake up and do some work if a Queue gets some data?


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I've heard that you can call event_generate from the non-GUI thread. If you do call event_generate, I've read that you should give the value of tail to the when parameter.

I've personally only done this in one project, but it seemed to work fine.

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Thanks for this information. This is exactly what I was looking for. Googling for this, I found this other StackOverflow thread that has some more info:… – kcstrom Mar 17 '12 at 2:53

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