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I installed Eclipse indigo 3.7 and then GWT. Other day I deleted Eclipse because I had 2 of them and I confounded them. I downloaded the Eclipse again and I tried to reinstall GWT, but no success: log errors. Tried to uninstall GWT from Help->Install new software-> "Already installed". Still no success (and this time Eclipse is installed in other path)

A little help, please? already tried restart


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From the GWT FAQ I have read: If you uninstall the plugin, you will have to uninstall the bundled SDKs first, which is done from the same dialog.

I have also read that they are still available on disk, and they can be enabled at any time in the future. To physically remove the feature and its plug-ins, you will have to manually remove the feature from the eclipse/features directory and its plug-ins from the eclipse/plugins directory. Here is more info that:

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