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I'm searching for a program or website that does convert html-code and css-code into a single html-sequence.

|| CSS
div { color: #eaf; }

<p>Bar <div>&amp; Spam!</div></p>

Should be converted to

<div style="color:#eaf;">Foo</div>
<p>Bar <div style="color:#eaf;">&amp; Spam!</div></p>

Why I search for it?

Because most email-clients do not support <style></style> in the email's body.


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Proper syntax would be...

<div style="color:#eaf;">Foo</div>
<p>Bar <span style="color:#eaf;">&amp; Spam!</span></p>

Here's a link to an online tool.

Here's another link to an online tool.

I've used both of these in the past with good results.

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I found this: http://www.pelagodesign.com/sidecar/emogrifier/

Is that what you're looking for?

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