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I'm trying to create a submission form for authors to submit their articles to my database and be posted on my site. This is secured by an invite-only registration process. Currently it is accepting HTML in order to allow for images to be inserted in the format <img src='filename.jpg /> but this is obviously unsafe, even with trusted users.

What is the simplest way to implement BBCode (or any similar mark-up) to an existing PHP form?

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My suggestion would be; TinyMCE (http://www.tinymce.com). It's a well-documentated ready-to-use editor. There are a few other good editors as well, but I think this is the easiest way.

Also, you could write a script searching for [img] and [/img] and converts this using preg_replace or something similair. ;) (see: http://php.net/manual/en/function.preg-replace.php)

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The latter is a method I considered also, but I thought I'd look into another form of markup as it'd be interesting to work with something like that. But I'll keep it in mind. –  muttley91 Feb 26 '12 at 23:20

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