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When I try to enter in an ID field to tag my individual posts (post-id:1932, etc.), the value always prints as 0, instead of the database's value.

The query takes the $_REQUEST's topic variable (generated from clicking a link).

Here is my code:


 require_once 'connect.php';

 $topic = $_REQUEST['topic'];

 // Build the SELECT statement
 $select_posts =
 "SELECT p.topic, p.title, p.pic_id, p.snippet, p.content, p.author_id, p.date FROM posts p WHERE p.topic =  '" . $topic . "' OR p.topic='Admin' ORDER BY p.date DESC";

 // Run the Query
 $result = mysql_query($select_posts);


   while ($post_count<10 && $posts = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
       $posts_row = sprintf(
                    <pic><img class=inlinepic src=/Sustenance/assets/post-pics/%d.jpg></pic>
                    <snippet class=on id="%d snippet">%s</snippet>
                    <readmore id="readmore%d" class=on onclick=readmore("%d")>Read More</readmore>
                    <content id="%d" class="less">%s
                        <readmore class=on onclick=readless(%d)>Show Less</readmore>
       $posts['topic'], $posts['title'], $posts['pic_id'], $posts['post_id'], $posts['snippet'], $posts['post_id'], $posts['post_id'], $posts['post_id'], $posts['content'], $posts['post_id'], $posts['author_id']);
       echo $posts_row;

What I find odd is the 'pic_id' prints properly and pulls in the correct picture, but even when I tried to reuse the pic_id in the $divid it doesn't work. I've tried replacing the $divid with $posts['id'], using all the different integer type specifiers in the PHP Manual, and even using inline php.

Do I have a syntax error? Why does it keep printing out 0?

EDIT: I have posted the query as per requested

EDIT 2: Removed the $divid variable.

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please post the query. –  Dagon Feb 26 '12 at 23:18
shouldn't $divid=$posts['post_id']; be inside the while loop? –  guido Feb 26 '12 at 23:19

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You do have to put the line


inside your while loop. The way it is now it tries to get a value of $posts['post_id'] already before it is assigned for the first time in the loop head and therefore is 0 and never changes (since it's never reassigned).

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That is an excellent point! I moved it back to where it ought to be. However, that didn't seem to fix the problem. –  dantiston Feb 26 '12 at 23:52

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