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A friend of mine claims he knows how to display a variable, in this case time of day in H/M/S format as well as the date, using only CSS. He "forgot" what the code was, and thus couldn't tell me. It seems a bit hard to believe that this would be possible; but I'm curious nonetheless as to wether this can be done. Any ideas?

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I think your friend is confusing CSS with javascript maybe(?). – Turnip Feb 26 '12 at 23:43
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No, you use CSS just to define how things look. But you can do it with JS, here's a nice list of JS date and time functions:

and here are some practical examples to start you off: (delimit the code with <script> tags to make it work)

As a side note, CSS would be then used to make your calendar/clock look pretty, here's a nice example of that:

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There may be a way...but it is technically cheating..

There are two libraries for CSS: LESS and SASS.

I haven't used them much but they basically allow you to write CSS in a sort of object oriented manner. As a consequence of that you may be able to use those libraries to get the exact time, but like I said you would have to include those libraries, thus "cheating".


PS I think LESS is closer to what you'd be looking for if you went down this path.

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