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I have a folder with an image in it called:


where 12345 = a database id and 800.jp is a 800 pixell wide image.

I want to create a nice url like this:


In IIS7, I have created the following regular expression:


I get a match when I test against the following URL:


So I created the following rewriteurl:


But that does not seem to work. I thought that the above rewrite would get me to:


But it does not. So I guess my issue is that I have succeeded in creating a match, but I have failed and replacing the source with the target.

How can I make this rewrite work properly.

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The url part which is used to match your pattern doesn't contain leading /, so you are indeed very close to success, try to use this pattern:


and rewrite:

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You are beyond awesome. Thanks. –  HumanBacon Feb 28 '12 at 21:43

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